How do I join the Buy Wise Parts Perks Program?
You must be a registered member of the Buy Wise Auto Parts Service Center Program to be able to join. Then register for the Buy Wise Parts Perks program. It’s free! - Join.

What do I need to do to earn points?
Points are earned on all qualifying purchases at Buy Wise Auto Parts. Your transactions will automatically be processed at the end of each month and posted to your account. For more information visit the Earn page.

What's the difference between the Buy Wise Parts Perks Program and Buy Wise Points?
When you join the Buy Wise Parts Perks Program you are registering with us to earn Buy Wise Points. You will be able to redeem the points earned for a variety of rewards including Buy Wise Account Credits, gift cards, merchandise, events, experiential adventures, and more. Visit the Redeem page for a list of available items.

Do I earn points for previous purchases?
Any transactions made from the first of the month you join will eligible. For example, if you join the program on January 17, any purchases made from January 1 to 17 will be included and will earn points.

How do I keep track of my points?
You can find your Buy Wise Points balance by checking your Account page. You will also receive monthly email statements, showing how much you’ve earned.

Why can’t I see my points in my account balance?
Rewards are processed monthly and may take an additional 3-4 weeks for processing.

How many points do I need to redeem?
There are thousands of items to choose from, and each has a different point value. Visit the Redeem page for details.

Can I cancel a redemption order?
Once orders have been placed, no changes or refunds are permitted. Be sure to double check your order before you submit it.

I haven’t received my redemption order, what do I do?
For all redemption orders, we communicate with you via email. You will always receive a confirmation email once the order is placed and depending on the type of reward you ordered, you may receive additional emails on the shipping status or how to access your order. We recommend you check your email inbox (or junk folder) for the email updates we send you. You can also locate all details of a past redemption by visiting your Account page and following the applicable link or by accessing the ‘My Orders’ section in the Rewards catalog.

I can’t find (or didn’t receive) my Virtual eGift Card or Prepaid FLEX Mastercard.
To initiate a resend of your Virtual eGift Card or your Prepaid FLEX Mastercard, log into your Account. Go to the Account page and scroll down to the Transaction History section. Locate the applicable Redemption Order and click the hyperlink. You will be directed to the My Orders section in the Rewards catalog. Click on the Details hyperlink for the applicable order. Next, click on the Redemption Link hyperlink, enter the Challenge Code and follow the instructions. Don’t forget, if the email isn’t in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

What do I do if I receive an incorrect or damaged merchandise item?
Notify the Buy Wise Parts Perks Program of any incorrect, damaged or defective merchandise within ten (10) days of your delivery date.

Can I send a redemption item to a different address?
No, in order to safeguard the security of your account, redemptions can only be sent to the official contact details stored in your Profile. Ensure your Profile is up-to-date prior to making a redemption.

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