We understand that flexibility is important to a successful rewards program and are pleased to offer you a choice in the way you wish to be rewarded for your loyalty.

How to Join

The Buy Wise Parts Perks program is FREE and open to all Buy Wise Auto Parts Service Center Program members. Simply fill in the Join form. If you aren’t a member of the Buy Wise Auto Parts Service Center Program, please contact your account manager to find out about the benefits of joining.

How to Earn

Buy Wise Parts Perks members earn Points based on their monthly purchases. The rate at which you earn Points is shown on the Earn page.

Points are earned in the month that a purchase is made and are issued monthly to customers whose accounts are in good standing and are current with all payment terms. Points earned are reflected in your Account.

How To Redeem


Points can be redeemed for Buy Wise account credits and equipment, as well as a huge selection of gift cards, merchandise, events, experiential adventures and more. See Redeem for details.

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